About Us

For over 25 years Joe Polifroni and Rosalin Johnson have designed and manufactured foot supports to help people with their pain. Their products are used by millions of people around the world today bringing comfort and relief to their lives. Using their long experience in bringing balance to people's lives, as well as spending significant time and investment in research, Joe and Rosalin designed and developed a patented range of foot supports with the best technology available called Balance Supports

The Balance Support range is the thinnest, strongest and most effective foot support product on the market, designed to stabilize your entire body. Manufactured using the latest technology right here in our New Zealand factory, Balance Foot Supports provide instant pain relief with affordable prices for everyone.

People all over the world are still out there spending hundreds of dollars for a single pair of our old arch supports, supports we designed twenty years ago. I'm sure those old supports still do a good job but relief from pain and quality of life shouldnt be limited to those with deep pockets. Everyone has the right to live pain free and have great posture and balance- Joe Polifroni.

Look around you. Nobody sits right, stands straight or walks with the kind of better posture that Balance Supports provide. We care what happens to you. We want you to go forward looking better, feeling better, and better able to help your families. You need these arch supports and we want you to have them for 30 days and use them well. Unlike other devices that look similar and cost a lot more, Balance Supports does the job for you.

We have spent millions of dollars in research, testing and manufacturing to bring you these arch supports for a great price. When you find the right arch supports, -- and you can try hundreds of different designs -- your life changes. I know. I suffered with pins in my ankles and a constantly swelling foot, until I discovered a thick arch support that balanced my foot and took away the pain and swelling. I had found a new life, but that support required special shoes and cost a fortune.
Here we are over twenty years later, I've developed an even better arch support that's more comfortable, more effective -- as thin as a pin -- and fits into any shoe, the Balance Support!

We've learned how to make the right arch support. We've found the answer to better balance and posture, and we are giving you, with all our heart, the RIGHT ARCH SUPPORT that works, so that you can say the same thing, 'Balance Foot Supports changed my life!'

We don't care if you are 18 or 80 put these Balance Supports in your shoe and you will do better in all your activities, stand taller and straighter, feel stronger, walk, work, dance, ski, bike, golf, tramp, box, lift weights, play tennis. You will perform better than ever.

Try it for one day. Take it out the next day, and see the difference. When the wear the Balance range for a couple of weeks consistently, you wouldn't sell them back to us for five times what you paid us.

Wear your new arch supports in good health. Enjoy them. Stay strong. And God bless you!

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