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August 2011

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Testimony/Clinical outcomes for Balance Foot Supports

aquote I am a clinical Orthotist and have fitted approx 100pr of Balance walkers, over the last 12 months.
The age range has been 17-85yrs, mixed gender, active & sedentary people.
Approx 50% of these clients have had previous and varied arch support products.
Only 5 people stated that they have felt no improvement to their presenting symptoms, however these people appeared non-compliant & they may have not given the foot supports long enough to be effective.
A lifetime of incorrect posture creating their symptoms, may take perseverance to correct.
This is education that I give them as a clinician when fitting.
Nobody stated that they were uncomfortable in any way.
The variation of shell coverings provide individual prescription.
The padded choice is excellent for diabetic & sensitive feet.
I don’t feel the need for continued follow up appointments, as people are finding quick relief mostly.
The problems that I have had success with include plantar fasciitis, pronated foot, sore knees, lower back pain/discomfort/stress and abnormal gait patterns.

Feedback includes
- Pain reduction
- Stand taller
- Able to walk longer distances without discomfort
- Easy to swap between footwear
- Not bulky
- Suitable for dress shoes, as little volume is taken up with these supports, invisible in most footwear
- Easy to clean, hardwearing, esp with kangaroo skin
- People wishing they had ‘discovered’ them earlier in their adult lives
- Amazement @ such a simple but effective solution

Overall, I find Balance support range effective with positive client satisfaction.
The ordering is easy & quick.
It is cost-effective item which I will continue to use & recommend to my colleagues."


Dave Dolman


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