Patient Findings

Testimony and Clinical Outcomes for Balance Foot Supports

I am a clinical Orthotist and have fitted approximately 100 pairs of Balance Walkers over the last 12 months.
The age range has been 17-85 years, mixed gender, active & sedentary people.
Approx 50% of these clients have had previous and varied arch support products.
Only 5 people stated that they felt no improvement to their presenting symptoms, however these people appeared non-compliant & they may not have given the foot supports long enough to be effective. A lifetime of incorrect posture creating their symptoms, may take perseverance to correct.
Nobody stated that they were uncomfortable in anyway. The padded choice is excellent for diabetic & sensitive feet. I don't feel the need for continued follow up appointments, as people are finding quick relief mostly.

The problems that I have had success with include plantar fasciitis, pronated foot, sore knees, lower back pain/discomfort/stress and abnormal gait patterns.

Feedback includes:
- Pain reduction
- Able to walk longer distances without discomfort
- Not bulky
- Suitable for dress shoes and invisible in most footwear
- People wishing they had 'discovered' them earlier in their adult lives
- Amazement at such a simple but effective solution

Overall, I find the Balance support product range to be effective with positive client satisfaction.

Dave Dolman

Whanganui Hospital

100 Heads Rd,

Gonville, Whanganui

4501, New Zealand

Patient Findings

30 yrs, male, engineer, keen soccer player
Footstrike pain, when playing soccer, seems to land on midfoot when running
At times pain Achilles area too on both lower legs
Given Balance Walker with med lift.
After 4 games noticed pain had reduced by half
Only wears them when playing soccer

72 yrs F, retired, does lots of handwork, crafts, knitting sewing etc
Painful neck, aching shoulders & lower back
Investigated by Orthopaedics, nothing diagnostic – referred to writer for review
Fitted with Balance Relaxers for around the home, relieved discomfort within a week.

48 yrs F – supermarket checkout operator – on feet all day
After 2hrs @ work notices stiffness & heavy feeling lower thoracic spine, initially relieved by stretching,
but more persistent as day goes on, no sharp pain or tingling
Advised to wear flatter shoes & issued with Balance Walker with immediate relief

47 yrs F, sudden onset of Parkinsons Disease
Usually very active – busy mother, cares for elderly parents in their own home, walks 10k x 5/wk
Since diagnosis, activity decreased markedly due to unsteadiness on feet & loss of balance
Very frustrated about this
Fitted with Balance Walker inside slightly wider sports shoes & is now walking again up to 3km on her own

45 yrs M, knee pain, chronic, from old rugby injuries & maybe unsupportive footwear when playing rugby as a child.
Scar tissue from multiple knee surgeries.
Now a taxi driver, knee pain aggravated by getting in & out of vehicle & lifting heavy items out of taxi boot over 10-12 hr shifts.
Balance walker with leather issued & fitted
Noticed knee pain diminished almost overnight & @ 1 month review pain gone

77 yrs , M, 2 minor strokes, affected balance & perception of space, unsure of foot when placed on the ground as
walking, esp when tired, no pain, worried about falls, lives alone.
Active pre-strokes.
Fitted with Balance relaxer
After 2 weeks much more confident in & around the home.
At last consultation had started walks up & down driveway

41 yrs M, flat feet – collapsed arches, tried expensive “custom-made” arch supports, no help.
Tried Balance walker, felt better just standing immediately, reports no discomfort @ work as a factory worker
States easy to change & wipe clean between shoes

30 yrs, M – Body builder
Problems with sore feet when squatting with heavy dumbells
Balance walker helps with posture & ability to squat
Recently bought another pair for work, Balance workers – delivers pamphlets to letterboxes, walking approx 15k daily

29 yrs F – Nurse on a busy hospital ward
Tried many pairs of sensible soft flat shoes.
Used to go home with sore tired feet, thought it was part of the territory of nursing
Now uses Balance Worker – sore feet relief after several days.

41 yrs, M – keen tramper
Both knees painful on the inside only when going down steep hills
Thought he had to put up with it & it was an ‘age thing’
Balance Walker when tramping has helped considerably & made him really think about his posture when out in the bush

35 yrs – M – Police Officer, slightly overweight.
Diagnosed with plantar fasciitis by Orthopaedic Dr
Pain constantly in both heels
Taking anti-inflammatory meds every 6-8hrs.
Recommended by friend to use Balance Worker.
Relieved sharp heel pain within a week & also inner knee pain which was a bonus as he thought he had arthritic knees

5 2yrs – F – Operating Theatre Nurse & Ironman competitor
Severe pronation when running, causing bilateral knee pain, which in turn caused lumbar back pain.
Issued Balance Walkers, took some perserverance from her, as altered running gait somewhat, but knee pain improved over approx 2mths.
Easy to change between training shoes & uses them @ work also, when standing for long periods.

51 yrs – M – lawyer & keen tennis player.
Rt heel pain, tried gel pads from chemist, no help.
Taking oral anti-inflams prior to games.
Issued Balance Walkers & over 3 wks, pain almost disappeared.

22 yrs – F – model, wears high heeled footwear constantly.
Metatarsal head pain both feet, advised heels causing pain, but will not/cannot stop as wishes to pursue modelling career.
Balance Relaxer when not @ work & in flat shoes seems to alleviate pain & make it more tolerable when working.

30 yrs – F – Mother of 4
Her only ‘me time’ was a 1hr early morning walk, but had to stop due to generalised foot pain.
Referred to me by a podiatrist colleague.
Advised Balance Walker & to update old walking shoes as worn & poor support.
Felt “a bit strange at first”, but after 3 days of shorter distance walks, noticed an improvement.
Felt like they hugged her foot. Delighted, & will continue to increase walking distances gradually.

58 yrs – F – Neuroma pain left foot
Tried custom arch supports @ $185.00 pr – no improvement, found them too rigid.
Issued Balance Walkers – after 1 week noticed sharp pain had reduced to a dull ache & manageable.
Pleased that they arrived so quickly too

82 yrs – F – retired & sedentary.
Worsening bilateral heel pain, even when wearing sheepskin lined slippers, didn’t want to go out of the house.
Had tried many different off-the-shelf shoe inserts with no improvement.
Initially very sceptical about Balance products when shown.
Balance Relaxers put into slippers & after 2 wks noticed surprising improvement & has ordered some Walkers for shoes also.

20 yrs – M – Student.
Referred with over-pronation during mid-gait cycle, which had been creating lumbar tiredness.
Long distance power-walker.
Using anti-inflam gel to counteract lumbar discomfort.
Given Balance Walker to try in walking shoes.
After 4 wks of persistence over shorter distances, it appears pronation correcting & lumbar discomfort alleviated.

42 yrs – F – receptionist
Generalised forefoot pain bilaterally for 12mths
Occupation involves standing on concrete for approx 4hrs/day.
Dr had suggested steroid injections, which she was reluctant to try.
Self-referred & issued with Balance Worker.
Interestingly, left foot pain resolved after several days, & now after 1 mth review, pain reduced to an ache & tolerable.

21 yrs – F – student & track runner
Shin pain after over-training on hard surfaces.
Coach suggested assessment.
She has excessive foot pronation.
Balance Worker with high lift to minimise foot movement inside shoe when running, & to support the muscles around the tibia.
Now she will not run without them.

81 yrs – M – retired, keen gardener
Numbness & tingling in both forefeet & posterior toes, especially bad in gumboots
Advised fleece lined shorter gumboots with Balance Worker with leather.
After 1 month review states normal sensation mostly has returned & can continue gardening for longer periods

35 yrs – M – shop worker
Long periods on feet & carrying heavy boxes during work day
Lower back aches, & at times painful.
Taking over-the-counter analgesics most days
Has lower arches
Given Balance Workers to try
After 1 month no improvement, & complaining of tightness in calf muscles.
Advised to persevere & reassured that calf discomfort normal initially, but should subside.

58 yrs – M – Accountant & avid leisure runner
Troubled with fallen arches most of life, creating knee & hip pain when running or even walking fast.
Other supports that he has tried seem to contribute to problems.
Does wear high-quality running shoes.
Likes the Balance Walker prescribed, as more supportive & solid, but still providing a “bit of give”

41 yrs – F – Ballroom dancer
Discomfort & fatigue in the balls of both feet, feels as if toes are cramped & crowded within shoes.
Has tried many diff types of dancing shoes.
Balance Worker helps greatly, and is easily interchangeable for all types of dancing footwear.

31 yrs – Mrs M – unemployed, housewife
Heel spurs with neural complications.
Balance walker eased the pressure which causes the sharp pain in arches.
Initially found them uncomfortable, but repeated use has her sold.

35 yrs – M – Welder/factory worker, overweight.
Weak tired feeling in ankles at the end of a working day, & flat feet, causing pain
Balance Worker in work boots
Eased the tired feeling, although found the change in boots a little difficult to adjust to at first.
Combination of foot strengthening exercises as advised by physio & Balance Relaxers in everyday footwear, has lessened acute pain
Referral from Orthopaedics of a 28yrs, male, with Achilles Tendonitis, following a ruptured Achilles tendon 6mths before whilst playing squash.
Stretches help but continued pain at the back of heel.
Added Balance Walker & the pain dissipated after 2 mths, but tightness in area lingers.

78 yrs – F – Retired, voluntary worker
Tired aching feet at the end of the day.
Combination of elevating feet, massage & Balance Walkers with leather have improved situation.
Shes also noticed a change in the way she walks

36 yrs – M – Teacher & golfer
Plays many sports, walks & runs
Pain in knees, back & feet.
Balance Walker advised & fitted.
Pain increased behind knees for the first 2 wks, but slowly improved.
Lower back pain persists but may be mechanical due to twisting @ golf.
Feet pain subsided.

65 yrs – F – recently retired cleaner
Chronic lower back pain/tension
Has tried changing beds, yoga & massage with no improvement.
Balance Relaxer issued.
Feedback from client – pleasantly surprised @ simplicity & amazed that the inner soles have reduced back pain significantly.
Not aware of them being in her shoes, but doesn’t feel dressed without them in!