Find Your Support

Foot Supports International provides a wide range of inserts to help you balance your body, relieve pain or discomfort and enhance performance. Below is a range of categories that can help you choose the right support for the right job. Simply find the area that applies and we'll direct you to the right support for your needs. 

I Suffer Pain or Discomfort in my:
FEET Walker/Relaxer Combo plus 3mm Shock Absorber
HEELS Walker/Worker Combo plus 4.5mm Shock Absorber
ARCHES Walker/Worker Combo
ANKLES FSI System plus 3mm Shock Absorber
KNEES Walker/Worker Combo plus 4.5mm Shock Absorber
HIP Walker/Worker Combo plus 3mm Shock Absorber
BACK FSI System plus 4.5mm Shock Absorber

I Spend a Lot of Time:
SITTING Walker/Relaxer Combo
STANDING Walker/Worker Combo plus 3mm Shock Absorber
WALKING Walker/Worker Combo plus 4.5mm Shock Absorber
RUNNING Walker/Worker Combo plus 4.5mm Shock Absorber

Feet love change so we always recommend a combination of supports be used. Ideally people should make use of our FSI System for maximum benefits but we understand that not everyone can budget for that. Our recommendations above are the minimum we suggest to deal with your needs. 

If your still not sure what may be right for you please call our consultants for advice, and don't forget our Premium Leather Range for those looking for the finest in Foot Supports.