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After Years of Bad Arthritis No More Lower Back Pain!
Arch Supports Have Helped My Balance And Posture No Pressure And Better Posture
Arch Supports Took My Pain Away Pain And Discomfort No More!
Balance Walker Makes For A Balanced Walker Pounding The Pavement
Batting Has Improved Rugby Play And Physical Trainer
Foot Supports Eased My Knee Injury Pain Sceptic Became Amazed
I'm Impressed With My Arch Supports Stand Up Straight Up With Good Posture
Knee Discomfort Now Non-Existent Shifting The Lift
More confidence and healthier lifestyle  

After Years Of Bad Arthritis

Almost a month ago I received my order for the Balance Support Insoles.
It will come as no surprise, that as soon as I used them, I felt instant relief. They are a marvellous product and I am grateful for all your assistance you gave over the phone.
After years of bad arthritis in my insteps (from an exceedingly bad fall many, many years ago) I never thought I would be able to walk normally again without pain in my feet. I have also had three hip replacements and my pelvis is out of alignment as a result of damage from prior to the first hip replacement, so I had quite few things that needed help. As a direct result of the Supports, I am leading a pain free life, for which I am very grateful
Yours sincerely
R Wright
August 2019


Arch Supports Took My Pain Away And Gave My Posture Back

My name is Kathrine Rimunui, I had a full knee replacement July 2013. I still have some pain in my knee, my biggest worry is that I slouch and lean forward when walking I basically look like a duck. It is now May 2015 and my back posture and the way I walk is not only painful but painful to look at.
I have tried excercises to straighten up and to improve my posture.
I was watching home shopping 29/04/2015 and saw first hand what your foot supports could do for me. I had a discussion with Joe who informed me and gave me information on how to use the foot supports Joe said it would change my life. I didn’t really believe him, but I  purchased the foot supports anyway thinking they may help me a little bit.
I purchased the package of 3 foot supports, 30/04/2015 and it was delivered to my home 01/05/2015.
Within minutes of finding the right balance for my foot supports my family noticed an improvement in my posture, I could also notice the difference in how I walked, 2 days later my life has changed I feel confident I am happy I am enjoying walking around I don’t feel everyone is looking at me and feeling sorry for me I wish someone had told me about these earlier. I would recommend these foot supports for anyone who has problems with back, knees, hips or feet, or just ring them for advice.

Kathrine Rimunui - May 2015

Aching Knee No More!

Hi Rosalinda an update for you, I am getting better every day - from having to take a pain killer before going to the beach walking, I now find that my knee is almost painfree and I can happily walk using the inserts in my shoes. I am finding that I need to concentrate on walking on the inside of my feet instead of the outside which I have clearly been doing and to step down on my foot to walk properly.  I also try hard to pull back my shoulders and straighten my spine as I am aware that I spend a huge amount of time crouched over when working on my computer.  I have also beaten the stairs I can walk up and down like a normal person instead of going down sideways as I was doing.  I have a little resistance to stepping down off the bank onto the sand but I am working on it.  I have not used the cushion treads so I will return them to you.
Thank you so much. a very successful purchase and outcome.  I will keep you informed.
Thanks so much for your help and personal attention.

Ruth - February 2015

Arch Supports Have Helped My Balance and Posture

"Just a quick note to thank you for the (Balance Walker Arch Supports) and I thought it might be nice to also give you a bit of feedback as to my experience, to date. I have been wearing the original set for about 6 months now and am overly impressed (and a little surprised to be honest) at how much of a change they have made. I find that I am less tired at work (definitely allowing me to concentrate for longer periods) and I no longer have muscle pains in my shins. Friends and family have commented how my posture has improved and I certainly feel more upright, balanced and more in control.

I have started wearing the other pair you gave me in my trainers and have once again found that I am able to walk and exercise for longer. With extremely flat feet and currently in training for the upcoming Auckland Marathon, I am extremely grateful for whatever exercise I am able to do, free of pain!

Many thanks again and I would certainly endorse your product to those in similar circumstances to mine."

Stewart Wright

Fire & General Broker

Balance Walker Makes For A Balanced Walker

"Tom is wearing his supports and is more balanced when he walks thanks to you!!! He has worn them every day since you gave them to him. If I didn’t see it myself I would not have believed the Balance Walker Arch Supports would make a difference to a stroke patient in helping his balance.

Thank you,"

Bonnie and More Balanced Tom

Batting Has Improved

"As a sportsman you are constantly looking for ways to gain an edge over your competitors. Any possible way to improve your game is essential in sport. When I was first introduced to the Balance Product line, I was a bit sceptical about how a product that looks so simple can improve performance so drastically.

However, once I started playing cricket in the ‘Balance Walkers’ I noticed my balance when batting had improved and standing in the field all day was no longer resulting in tired, sore feet. Using the ‘Balance Workers’ in my rugby boots has reduced my lower limb problems, such as shin splints, and has increased my balance-ability making moving around the field quickly, much easier. I am glad I found these products at 23 years old.

I would recommend using Foot Supports Products for any sportsman.


Travis Kerr

Foot Supports Eased My Knee Injury Pain

"I have an old knee injury and had surgery on one knee to help remove the pain.  My job involves a lot of walking and standing on my feet all day and I was actively aware of my knees, little twists, excessive standing would send tingles though my joints.  My posture was really bad and I walked like a “duck”.  I have seen physios and Podiatrists however after flexing and strength building exercises they couldn’t help other than suggesting more surgery as time goes by.

A few months ago I was given a pair of Foot Support Int’l inner soles to wear in my shoes.  Since then the pain factors are gone and the realigning of my knee joints things feel good.  I am now able to go to the gym and my staying power is a lot more tolerant and have the determination and ability for long distance running without the pain factor.  The pressure I felt from my inner knees is no longer there as the inner soles have helped to align my feet and correct my body posture.

As a result, I have a pair of Foot Support Int’l inner soles in each pair of shoes including my gumboots and have never taken them out.  If I didn’t have the inner soles I would have had another operation around this time on my knees.  Thanks to the inner soles I have correct posture and am without any pain.

A very simple inexpensive correction that has enabled me to increase my exercise levels enabling some strength building around my joints so giving long term protection without unnecessary surgery.


Ian Floyd

Knee Discomfort Now Non-Existent

"I have been using the arch supports for 6 weeks now. I use the “balance worker” support when Im on my feet all day both at with clients at our gym and when Im on the boat as a charter fisherman. I find the discomfort I used to have in my knee from these long days on deck at sea is now non-existent.

In the gym when weight training I use the “balance walker” support and have found when squatting and lifting heavy deadlifts that my balance is better, I seem to spread the weight through my feet better and generally feel better balanced in most other exercises that involve being on my feet."

Damian Clayton
Coast Barbell and The Charter Connection

No More Lower Back Pain!

"Balance Worker Arch Supports have really improved my posture and lower back pain.

I spend half of my day running around cement floors at work, and in my good work shoes – I would come home stiff and sore.

After one day with the inserts in my shoes, the difference was clear.  I no longer felt the pain I was accustomed to, and even my physio could tell a difference in my lower back muscles.

I appreciate Balance Worker Arch Supports not only for the decreased pain but also the feeling that I am keeping my body in ultimate condition."

Blake Douglas
Account / Production Manager

No Pressure and Better Posture

"Hi There, Just like to say that since I started wearing the inner soles I no longer suffer from aching heels at the end of a long day on my feet. The arch support seems to have removed the pressure from this area."

David Keith

David Keith & Associates

Pain and Discomfort No More!

"I have recently purchased a business,  whereby I am on my feet all day. This caused me great pain in my back,  until one day I got talking to a customer which happened to be Joe and Rosalinda Polifroni from Foot Supports Int’l about feet.

Rosalinda did a balance test on me there and then,  which proved that my feet were not getting the support needed in the arch of my foot. Rosalinda kindly gave me these supports to see if it help my back.

Unbelievably within two hours the chronic pain I was feeling had lessened to a degree where I now will not wear any shoe unless these inserts are in them,  even in my slippers at night.

I thank the day I meet Rosalinda and Joe,  for giving me back a life with no pain."

Judy Van Capelleveen
North Shore City

Pounding The Pavement

"I’ve been lucky enough to have been fitted up with a pair of “Balanced Workers” supplied by Foot Supports International Limited.
After a length spell away from running, I recently decided it was time to get back to “pounding the pavement” and try to loss some weight for summer. In the past running has not been my favourite past time, a constant sore lower back, tight uncomfortable hamstrings and aching knees are a result from running.

However, thanks to the “Balanced Workers” I have now completed over ten 6.5 km runs with little to no pain or discomfort the following morning. I would highly recommend the product.


Euan Stratton
North Shore, Auckland

Rugby Play and Physical Trainer

"To Whom it may concern,

My name is Jordan Larsen. I am a rugby player who has played both senior representative rugby professionally overseas and senior premier level rugby in New Zealand, recently including playing rugby with the North Harbour Rugby Sevens Squad in 2010/11. I have also been a member of the North Sport Weightlifting Team based at the millennium Institute in Mairangi Bay Auckland training with New Zealand’s Olympic Weightlifting Team. I am also a CrossFit Coach/Athlete training out of the CrossFit Auckland Gym in North Harbour.

My daily training regiment requires me to be in the best possible physical condition and since Joe Polifoni introduced me to the Foot Supports ‘Balance Walker’ I now insist on having these orthotics in my work shoes throughout the day as they reduce daily fatigue from being on my feet.

I have also seen huge improvement in my injury condition with regard to my calve muscles and a condition called ‘compartment syndrome’. I am naturally flat-footed which has helped cause my compartment syndrome, coupled with the fact that as rugby players we use rugby boots today that do not have enough adequate arch support which compounds this problem. Since using the ‘Balance Worker’ in my rugby boots and running/lifting shoes for every workout/game, I will now never go for a run or do exercise involving weightlifting or running without the ‘Balance Worker’ foot support. These orthotics have had a huge positive effect on my physical condition."

Jordan Larsen - Athlete

Sceptic Became Amazed!

"To be honest I was a little sceptical at first of the benefits of the balance walker. I had seen the advertisement a couple of times on the TV and found it difficult to believe that when the pressure was placed on the persons hands, while wearing the arch supports, could make the person so stable while standing.

I had been involved in footwear for many years as a pattern stylist and have a natural interest in the feet and posture, so when I saw the advertisement I was intrigued to learn how the balance walker aided people. A few days later I saw your Ad for a salesperson and immediately jumped at the opportunity to see for myself.

Once I tried on the balance walker and had the balance test I was sold. I found I was standing straighter and my whole posture was more balanced. I could then relax and listen and believe the experiences you and Raj have had with your arch supports. It was great to hear yourself and Raj believe in the product so much, and that you are involved in helping people in such a major way. I have been involved in lighting for five years and while I can be enthusiastic about the products, I found myself envious of you both being involved I such a useful product.

Once I got home I could not wait to put on my usual walking shoes a go for a walk. Once walking I found myself walking so straight and really felt a difference in my walking structure. I was amazed with this and also felt no pain at all in my back, and haven’t for the past week. I then tried the balance walker on my wife and children, though I was a bit apprehensive about their shoe sizes. The test went exactly the same way as when you gave me the balance test, so we were all very impressed.

I have had a tender back for many years and it sometimes caused a jagging annoying niggle in my lower back. I have become use to living with it but am now absolutely wrapped that the jagging has disappeared. On Friday night we decided to go in to party central with family and friends – 45 mins on the platform, 1 hour standing on the train, walking through thousands of people, putting my 9 year old boy on my shoulders for two half hour stints, waiting in line again for the train for 1.5 hrs and finally the train trip back. I thought this was a fairly good test for my back with my new balance walkers. If I did this a few weeks ago my back would have definitely been very stiff the next day. I woke up the next day with no pain at all thanks the balance walker."

Stand Straight Up With Good Posture

"Dear Foot Supports International,

I feel compelled to write to you about my experience with your arch supports.  I consider myself a fit and healthy 40 year old but I’ve always wanted to improve my posture.  My shoulders naturally tend to roll forward which leads me to slouch somewhat.  A couple of months ago I started wearing your arch supports.  The improvement in my posture was immediate.  I no longer need to keep reminding myself to pull my shoulders back.  Now I automatically stand straight up with good posture.  In general I feel much better balanced which I’ve also noticed is helping my golf swing.  I’m sure my new and improved posture will help me to maintain a fit and healthy lifestyle.  Thank you so much!

Best regards"

Simon Hornby

Shifting The Lift


"Many years ago, I injured my knees playing sports and had recurring pain.  As a university lecturer, I am constantly on my feet and my knees would hurt every night.  About three years ago, I tried the Balance Walker and my pain went away.  However, some pain started to return about 6 months later.  I changed from the Worker (high lift) to the Walker (medium lift) and the pain went away again.  Now I change the lift every few weeks and the pain has not come back.  I am going to put a pair in all of my shoes so that I never have to think about it again!!"
James, Auckland

More confidence and healthier lifestyle

 Hi, my husband and I recently purchased a pair of your balance walkers and impact absorbers each in one of your all inclusive specials. We are over the moon with the results. My husband can run for longer periods with out pain. I can bike long distances without my back getting sore as it used to. Our feet feel like they are on holiday. We sit straighter, walk straighter and feel great. In the past I have had to have chiropractic care and even with ACC it still cost me about $600 all up. They were marvelous and got me back to work and realigned. With the Balance Walkers I have much more confidence that I will not have that sort of problem in future. We are so excited about your product that we are showing everyone who will listen. We do the balance test first then encourage them to try our balance walkers in their shoes. They are so excited when they experience this product for themselves. So far we have recommended them to a karate instructor a Massey university professor a minister in church and many of our friends and acquaintances. Whenever we get the opportunity we will continue to do so. Thank you so much for an excellent product, you are helping so many people.

Garry and Morag Lorigan

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