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Great balance and support is the foundation of life. Whether working, walking or relaxing. Balance your body with The FSI Foundation Pack

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FSI Packs


Joe Polifroni, the founder of Good Feet &  Foot Supports Int’l has designed and manufactured foot supports for over 25 years to help everyone live pain-free through alignment and balance of the body.

Using his long experience in bringing balance to millions of people’s lives, as well as spending significant time and investment in research, Joe designed, developed and evolved a patented range of foot supports with the best technology available, called Balance Supports

An innovative evolution in arch supports. The Balance Support range is the thinnest, strongest and most effective foot support product on the market, designed to stabilize and balance your entire body. Whether relaxing, walking or working.

The FSI Foundation Pack, brings together all 3 lift levels of Balance Supports designed to provide total comfort and balance.

Our FSI Foundation Pack features:


Try the FSI Foundation Pack. Live life to the fullest and Balance Your Body Today!


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