The Balance Test

Its all about Balance!

Human biomechanics drive the foundation of the FSI Balance Foot Support line; by repositioning a person’s arch and foot, lifting weight from pressure points and balancing the entire body you can walk further, run faster and pain can instantly go away. Balance Foot Supports solve problems that mainstream medicine and many other foot supports costing thousands of dollars are unable to remedy.

What is Balance Testing and why is it so important?

Because it shows that your new Balance Foot Support is correctly balancing your body weight and providing the best support possible to stand, walk, run, sit & lift better. It is critical that any orthotic you use provides instant stability.

                       STANDING BALANCE TEST

For those in office environments or working on computer's all day, good posture is essential to ensure good back, shoulder and neck health. By keeping your feet firmly on the floor with Balance Foot Supports your body weight will naturally shift to a more upright position ensuring better posture throughout your day when seated. With a new balance & posture while seated you can solve back,shoulder and neck problems.
                      SEATED BALANCE TEST
We've been making Foot Supports since 1995 and are one of the few companies in the world that make arch supports that can pass a balance test.