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How Balance Arch Supports Help Alleviate Physical Discomfort - By Justin Price
Justin Price, MA

The BioMechanics

Justin Price, MA, is a biomechanics specialist and creator of The BioMechanics Method which provides exercise solutions for people in chronic pain. He is an IDEA International Personal Trainer of the Year and an education provider for The American Council on Exercise, PTontheNet, PTA Global, and the National Strength and Conditioning Association. Justin has also been a consultant for NBC, Newsweek, The New York Times, The LA Times, National Geographic, WebMD, Fox News, Men's Health and Fitness, Women's Health and Fitness, Self Magazine, Shape Magazine, Arthritis Today, the British Broadcasting Corporation, and Les Mills NZ.

How Can Balance Arch Supports Help?

It's simple. FSI Balance Arch Supports are uniquely designed to support the arches in your feet. When the arches of your feet are supported, your entire body shifts back into alignment. All the compensations caused by overpronation can be reversed. Supporting the arches of your feet will enable your ankles and legs to rotate back out over the center of your feet, thereby reducing pressure on your feet, ankles and knees. As your knees, legs, and hips fall into better alignment your pelvis can tip back into a more normal, relaxed position. Consequently, your lower back will experience less stress. Less arch in your lower back will enable your upper back to straighten and your shoulders, neck, and head to return to their optimal position (see diagram). As you can see, FSI Balance Supports not only help align and support your feet, but they can also take stress off all the major structures of your body caused by compensation patterns. A properly aligned body can easily and effectively compete with gravity and ground reaction forces. Most importantly, good alignment translates to fewer aches and discomforts in your body.

Which Balance Arch Support Style Is Best For You?

Many people are reluctant to try arch supports because most arch support companies take a "one size fits all" approach to addressing the problem of overpronation. On the contrary, Foot Supports International understands that the type of arch support that is best for an individual depends on a great number of factors that go far beyond shoe size. The FSI Balance Support range takes into consideration the type of activity you are engaged in when you are on your feet as well as the type of shoes you want to wear with the arch support. FSI Balance Arch Supports are rigid enough to support the arches of the feet, yet fl exible enough to help dissipate ground reaction forces that are transferred back into the foot as you move about. The entire FSI Balance Arch Support line is designed to minimize the amount of space needed to fi t in your shoe to enable your foot to have enough space to spread out and function correctly.

To determine which FSI Balance Arch Support model is right for you, consider the following features and see which best suits your needs and lifestyle:

The Balance Worker

This model has a high lift. It is ideal for people who are on their feet all day, run, play sports frequently, or do heavy lifting.

The Balance Walker

This model has a medium lift which is designed for walking and everyday use.

The Balance Relaxer

This model has a low lift. It can be worn in dress shoes or boots. It also works well in slippers for relaxing after working all day.

The all-encompassing approach to designing and creating the FSI Balance Arch Support range is why people everywhere are enjoying less pain and improved performance. See for yourself how FSI Balance Arch Supports can change your life!