Health issues

Swollen Ankles

"Swollen ankles are what got me started in the foot business. I broke most of the bones in my foot after a bad fall but found a great surgeon who operated and put things back in there place. It took over 6 months of rehab with pins holding the foot together before I could walk again but if I stood in one place or walked for more than ten minutes my ankle would blow up like an elephants foot. The Doctors had no solution to the problem and I spent years with swollen ankles. One day I eventually tried an arch support. It was very strong, but also very thick in my shoe. It solved my swollen ankles and I could stand or walk all day and never have any swelling."
By finding a foot support that repositions the foot and redistributes your weight off key areas you avoid swollen ankles. Balance the bady weight and shift the lift with a Balance Walker shell and a Full Length Balance Worker premium support for best results. And remember, not to go barefoot, always wear your supports!   -Joe Polifroni


Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar Fasciitis is one of the most common causes of heel pain. It can be caused by inadequate or inappropriate footwear, weight gain, or a particular exercise or activity and can commonly occur in those with flat feet or fallen arches. In order to reduce pain and allow the area at the heel to heal, you need to redistribute your body weight across your feet more evenly and lift your arch. A foot support will reposition your arch helping to take pressure off the heel, fixing most of your pain instantly and allowing the area time to fully heal. We recommend a Full Length Balance Worker alongside a Balance Walker shell.

Poor Posture

"All my life I had poor posture, always hunching forward and I thought it was simply my back. I never once thought my poor posture was from my feet. I had such flat feet that my arches were on the ground, causing my whole body to roll forward. Nobody ever told me that all I had to do was find a foot support that lifted my arches so that my whole body would straighten out"  With the correct Balance Foot Support in place your archs can be repositioned while instantly lifts your posture and helps balance you. With the FSI system you can have Balance foot supports for both home and work, providing postural support all day.

Ankle Pain

Its a common issue for those with flat arches. Your body weight shifts down through your limbs, the arch doesnt hold any of the weight like it should, instead your ankle bears the brunt of your body. A Balance Foot Support lifts that arch back and takes pressure away from the ankles, thus no more pain. The FSI system is your best option here as you'll want to start with the medium or even low lift until your archs get used to the new position, before finally introducing the hig lift later on. Feet love change so its always best to circulate among the different lifts.