Balance Supports - because you deserve to live pain free...

Balance Supports - because you deserve to live pain free...

Better Posture, Balance & Performance 

The FSI Foundation Pack
Superior Design Patents

Developed by Joe Polifroni, Foot Supports International Ltd. founder and founder of Good Feet Worldwide.

Affordable For All

Our mission is to avail superior performance and pain relief at affordable prices for everyone

Made in New Zealand

Unparalleled quality and workmanship for long lasting support

Balance Foot Supports

The most effective Foot Support in the world. Thin and Elegant design. Fits in Any Shoe!

Instantly solve Posture & Balance problems while fixing Heel & Foot pain, Ankle & Knee pain, Hip & Back pain, even Swollen Ankles.

How It Works
Balance Foot Supports

Ankle pain gone



Fixed in 15mins after 30 years

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The Luxury Leather Collection

The Luxury Leather collection offers added stability, balance and luxurious comfort where ever you go!

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Find Your Perfect Support

Not sure what support is right for you? Our guide will help you find the perfect size and fit without having to see an expensive podiatrist.

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How It Works

Biomechanics expert Justin Price explains how by repositioning your feet, lifting your weight off of painful pressure points and supporting your arches, Balance Foot Supports balance your entire body.

As a result, your pain goes away.

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Medical Case Study

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"Overall, I find Balance support range effective with positive client satisfaction.
The ordering is easy & quick. It is cost-effective item which I will continue to use & recommend to my colleagues."

Dave Dolman, Orthotist

Brand founder story

Joe Polifroni and Rosalin Johnson

In 2006 Joe Polifroni and Rosalin Johnson sold their old foot supports company they had co-founded 11 years earlier in the US (Good Feet Worldwide) and moved to New Zealand to create a new company - Foot Supports International - in order to manufacture the slimmest, sleekest, most comfortable, supportive balancing foot supports to ever stabilize the human body. And they were determined to make the world's finest Balance Foot Supports affordable for everyone everywhere.

No foot support products anywhere in the world can compare to these new state-of-the-art FSI designs, including those dispensed and worn by members of the medical industry - who often recommend FSI Balance Foot Supports to their patients.

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Improve Your Life With The World's Best Foot Support