The 4 Arch Support System

Most people think of their feet as having 1 long arch, the medial arch which is visible when looking down at the inside of the foot.  That arch may be high, medium or flat (as when a person has flat feet or plantar fasciitis).

Some researchers see the human foot as having arches,  an inner long arch, an outer long arch, and a middle arch crossing the centre of the foot.

However, the professionals at Foot Supports International recognize 4 arches of the human foot. The Inner Longitudinal Arch , the Anterior Metatarsal Arch, the Outer Longitudinal Arch  and the Transverse Arch. The 4 arches meeting in the underside centre of the foot form what we think of as the "hollow" of the foot. The human foot is the only one in nature with this type of arch system.

It is in acknowledging this fourth arch that Foot Supports International has created the most effective Balancing Arch Support System in the world,
The 4-Arch Foot Support System! A slight lift to that recognized fourth arch just in front of the heel bone. the Transverse Arch (#3 on the diagram below)  - makes the extraordinary difference between Balance Foot Supports and other arch supports available in todays market.